I really can’t believe 7 weeks have flown by! Honestly, when we started this challenge I was not sure I would actually show up for myself everyday. Prior to starting I had set a goal to track for 100 straight days and petered out around day 20. Then tried again and petered out again so my track record was not that strong. What I now realize is that I was missing the community, support and like-minded goals. The last 50 days have been so transformative. I feel like I have a completely new relationship with food and my confidence in succeeding in my health goals. I have you, Joe and the group you brought together to thank. I now believe that I can meet my goal of tracking for 100 days! I am already half way there right?!?!? A.A., CA

I wanted to let you know that I can’t believe we have already been talking for, what, a year now? I honestly contribute my mental gains over the past year to our talks. They have actually helped both me and my boyfriend! This is an investment worth making, and I can’t thank you enough for your support. My Monday ice cream extravaganza wouldn’t have been after 49 whole days and as minimal as it was without the months of work we have done together. I’m really excited to see where the next 10 months takes us! A.D., OH


What you do is so awesome and valuable, I hope that I can be of help to others in a similar way once I am able to financially invest in the Diet Doc program.

The last 50 days were fantastic – I really enjoyed the challenge and the knowledge and experience gained from all of this.  My goal is to continue to implement this and I look forward to continuing to be part of the Diet Doc community and continue to learn/refine my knowledge and goals with you and the rest of the team.  I can’t believe the progress I made.  I weigh now at 138.9 lbs, which is what I weighed at as a teenager.  A loss of 12.7 lbs! I couldn’t have ever imagined achieving this, especially given how targeted the weight loss has been – all fat and no muscle loss.  If only I had known this years earlier, but its better late than never.  I am not stopping here. I have a clear picture and I am now committed.

First and foremost, I do want to mention that it has been an amazing ride – to be part of the team and learning together about nutrition and overall well being.  It’s hard to just sum it up in a few words, but what I have learned is great deal of it.  My wife has noticed the changes and she can’t believe it herself.  I have been trying to get my wife to sign up for this as well, but she is hesitating a little now – may be she will change her perspective, given the changes she has seen in me.  

Thank you for being you, for what you have created and what you have done for me. I will always be grateful! I can’t wait for what lies ahead! G.R., WI


“Kori! Your information is so applicable. I was able to take and use everything immediately!”


“Wow! Kori, you really live the stuff you teach, don’t you? I can tell in your voice how passionate you are about this—you practice what you preach! Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom!”


“I used to be pretty timid and didn’t like to take chances. I was scared a lot. You’ve helped me to see how much fear has been a barrier in my life, but more importantly, gave me the tools to overcome it! Thank you!”


“After listening to all the stories of weight gain people have had so far, two weeks off diet I have only gained three pounds and on a 2000 calorie diet with lots of carbs. I am patting myself on the back! But I am proud of myself for not wanting to eat the kitchen sink after contest day! Between your seminars and our talks, you have taken me here! So thank you!”


“After listening to your course, I am still quite pleased over the successful experiment on the weekend. There were particular aspects of your talk that really stuck with me and have forced me to change my perspective! I think I relished in the “toil” and “sacrifice” as opposed to accepting this a “norm” of how I want to live my life and achieve my goals. Your course also taught me how to really be aware of the sensation of hunger and feel comfortable with it without reaching for food. I think this new door that you have opened is fascinating for me and is one I need to understand and experience more.”


Kori, you connect so well!  This experience with you has been so different than I thought it would be.  I thought you would take a more hands on/off approach when we think we are going to misuse food, but instead you actually made me think about myself and my body!  WOW it has made me think a lot this afternoon about all the hours I work!  Work is a real comfort zone for me.  My husband has told me for a long time that I bury myself in work instead of facing issues with my family! 


While on the beach this week I just finished the book you recommended and wanted to thank you again. I was really having a tough time this Winter and listening to your lecture and purchasing that book and just reading some of it during the school year was enough to kick start me into making some personal changes for the better. I know that each day is a chance to grow and most days I feel it. When self-doubt comes in I’ll just keep reminding myself of this. 


Kori, I am gaining so much knowledge…awesome is not the word to describe this process.  This is exactly –and more– what I was needing. “Knowledge for Life”.   I think this is a fantastic program…..I can’t believe I see the results in such a short time. You are a saint! 


By the way, thank you for all you do, I have really been able to feel better about myself and make some really positive changes, I knew when I met you that you were someone that I could talk to and bet you help a lot of people, really enjoy talking with you!


Kori–you’re awesome! I wish I could shrink myself and be implanted in your brain and pick it a little from time to time!


Most of all, I think it is the fact that you are helping me with it this time.  So much depends on the mental attitude I am taking.  While I still have struggles at work mostly, I am focusing on the daily ability to overcome my past habits. I don’t feel so alone in the task and the exercise is helping me determine my next accomplishment.  I actually have enjoyed the exercise and wish I could do it more often.  I am walking my neighborhood and have met several neighbors walking their dogs that I never knew in the 5 years I have lived in my home.  The past 5 years have been a struggle after losing my husband of 26 years. I know now that I can be happy by myself and maybe in the future someone will come into my life again.  Kori, you and Dr. Joe are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time and I actually realize now that I can do without the extra food I have been eating to stuff away my feelings!


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